Who We Are


馬俊興弟兄 - 愛城佳音社宣教士
Patrick Ma
Chinese Outreach Missionary

感謝主的奇妙帶領, 可以讓我在佳音社事奉祂, 願我們的每一個節目, 每一首音樂都可以成為更多人的祝福, 帶領更多失喪的靈魂歸主。

岑廣河牧師 - 「牧者心牧者情」主持
Rev. Roland Shum
黃兆強牧師 - 禱告上支持
Rev. Jacob Wong


黃譚玉琼師母 - 國語事工發展
Esther Wong

程淑芬姊妹 - 社區聯絡 / 外展
Fanny Chan

It is an excitement and joy to be part of the Chinese Outreach Ministry team. As we serve and are involve with Chinese Outreach Radio, brothers and sisters support each other, share their heart and faithfulness to God. The development of interactive broadcasting through the Web and social media are a bridge to reach out to people here at home and around the world. Praise to the Lord!

Mann and Grace's Family - 粵語事工發展

Mann Chiang : Knowing Pastor Mike is a great encouragement to serve in the Chinese Outreach Ministry. His big passion on serving in a Chinese ministry really reminds all of us to bring the Good News to every person we meet at all times.
Grace Lam : Fanny and Jane were great stimulation during my super short serving period with the team. I was blessed to learn from these two lovely sisters who esteemed broadcasting and loved the Lord, also had the eagerness to spread the Good News.

Tracy Kim & Family - 國語事工發展

Let's meet in the broadcasting of Chinese Outreach Edmonton to feel the love of God. You can also get all kinds of event information from Chinese Outreach Edmonton, from where I will be very glad to know you.

Jane - 粵語事工發展

在佳音社的事奉, 不但讓我學到廣播工作的運作, 還看到弟兄姊妹同心努力的事奉, 最重要的是看到神的恩典和大能, 在這事工當中的帶領和保守。

Ann Chow - 技術支援

It is always my dream of building tools to let gospel reach out to the people from all walks of life, especially to those who speak my first language - Chinese, and building tools that let the world know our Heavenly father. Chinese Outreach is perfectly where I desire to serve!